Love is the most beautiful pain. It is the most beautiful wound that can never heal. It is a scar which is seen by none but can be only seen by you. It is a paradise in which you get immense pain tears roll down your cheeks but at the same time smile doesn’t leaves your face. Each flashback that hits you is more worst than a heart attack but still that pain and the anguish is the most peaceful thing in the world. It kills you piece by piece breaks you down into several pieces and still your alive desperately asking for death. Every scream that you shout in pain is more satisfying than evey laugh of your happiness. Evey sleepless night that goes by reminds you that there is going to be another bright sunny morning whose rays would burn your tears and force you to smile so that you conceal your pain from the whole world. So strong is the power of love that it can destroy you and your life but still that destruction in which you have lived gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you can never ever get even in a paradise. Who understands can never portray or define it accurately and who cannot understand just names it stupidity…..Because it’s LOVE the most complicated feeling in the whole universe…….!


6 thoughts on “Love…..

  1. Wow 😳!! Wow 😳!!!

    What a In depth explanation of love ❤️..
    you really put into words that I tried to say and explain this most awesome experience of that feeling of love ❤️..and it’s aftermath when it’s lost..

    Wow 😳!!
    What clarification to decipher the true emotions involved when you find love and then lost it…

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  2. Great post! Yes, the stronger you love, the deeper it hurts. Hope that it’s a passing journey…rather than stay in pain. However slow it takes, hope one will come out of it eventually. Thank you for the follow. I am covered with scars, in and out, but He is merciful!

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