A ray of hope….

Each day of my life is something wired from the time you were gone. Everyday that I face this world I grow stronger from outside and weaker from inside. Every night I cry in your memory, Every morning I wake up with a gloomy face and when I see myself in the mirror I make myself ready to face this world with a fake smile. Each day I say myself that I hate you, you no longer exist in my life, I don’t care about you and I still do think about you a hundred  times in a day. Whomever I meet and who ever asks me about you I say your no longer a part of my life, it looks as if I’m not telling them but indeed making myself forcefully accepted this fact that now you are just a stranger for me. I have tried every single attempt to forget you and lately realized that everything went in vain a ray of hope still lies inside me indeed this hope kills me.. Hope that there’s  still something left, hope that today some miracle might happen, hope that we can work out on our difference again,indeed a hope to get you back. But I know its never going to happen, though I know this I simply still cannot accept such a simple thing believing this is just so difficult looks as if I’m crushing my heart, breaking my own self from inside but still how much ever it might hurt, how much ever I shout I cry I need to accept it… But one thing that doesn’t leave my heart is that ray of hope… All my strength that I gather whole day to forget you goes away when once I enter my room and lie on bed all my strength vanishes and I become more weak than I was before tears start rolling down my cheeks and I finally reach the same point from where I have begun just because that small ray of hope never dies…..!


3 thoughts on “A ray of hope….

  1. That’s heartbreak.. when you truly love someone and it has to end…
    and you are truly trying to move beyond it.. but each and every little thing leads you back right where you start…
    and your mind is so consumed with thoughts and longing and memories..

    And you pray for time to past.. although you refuses to let go.. wanting keep that feeling alive as long as you can Because even this excruciating pain feels so much better than anything you ever known..
    so smile because it happens

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  2. Heartbreak is really painful. One of the questions I used to ask myself, was why I wanted so desperately to be with someone who didn’t want to be with me. You are clearly a loving person and therefore deserve a person who will love you with the same depth and commitment. You are worth it. Despite the hurt you feel, say good riddance to failed relationships, because they free you up to find someone who truly loves you. My best to you. ❤

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