I was living a life in the room of darkness, a world full of lies. My loneliness was my companion, I was completely broken apart. Everything I had was lost. I had a heart filled with pain. I always went unnoticed in the crowed . Nothing in this world mattered me. I lost my self like a girl sailing all alone lost in an ocean. My thoughts were filled with negativity… And there you came in my life like a positive ray of hope and I was never alive like I was when I saw you, you made me understand who I was, you made me feel that even I existed in this world. You held my hand and pulled me out of darkness. You are the every reason of my smile , I m alive just because of you, just for you.. And today even you left me again in the same room of darkness but this time I want to tell you I want to stay Alive and be happy, live with you and just for you but now your gone and I’m sailing again lost in the same ocean but this time in search of you… I just have one thing to say  your smile is a peace to me, your caring attitude is a hope for me to live and you are the only reason that makes me Alive…..


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