Silence kills….

Each day passes by and my love for you just goes on increasing. Every day that goes by I lie to myself and to the whole world that I do not care about you anymore, I do not love you anymore but the moment I’m alone I’m surrounded just by your thoughts. My lonlies only reminds me of you and the smile that comes on my face just by thinking about you. Every night I cry in your memory , every morning I decide to forget you and move on..!, but I still find myself waiting in the time where u left me, like a girl standing in a desert with an umbrella who hopes every day that someday or the other there might be a rainfall. I have tried every possibility to forget you but everything in vain. Each day I wish to catch a glimpse of you somewhere in this big world I meet only with disappointment. My hope to get you back never ends. The moment I saw you one fine day I was taken aback, I did not know what say or what to do but seeing you in front of me standing silently saying simply nothing was killing me from inside. I wanted to tell you that your silence kills me. Your eyes simply portrays your love towards me but your silence only kills me …….


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